Sharif Hamza, was born and raised in London, lived in Paris for a while and is currently based in NY. As an image-maker, the narrative process of Sharif begins with the selection of his subject matter, those who can convey a sense of character in an abstract form. Sharif has definitely developed a privileged language with the world of fashion and beauty but he wants to keep a critical eye with the society that surrounds us. For this reason, his work spreads something hypnotic maybe because he is, himself, fascinated by the skills of his subjects, the movement, especially the body in movement pushing him to work his frame like the athletes works the perfect movement. His unique approach permitted him to collaborate with iconic artists as Kyle MacLachlan, Beyonce, Daft Punk, Kerry Washington… His cinematographic touch seduced brands as Levi’s, Dior, Absolut... to name a few.